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We aspire to be a recognized world leader in high quality evidence synthesis, including innovative methods research, to inform decision-making in healthcare.


The Knowledge Synthesis and Application Unit (KSAU) is committed to improving healthcare and public health decision-making through design and application of innovative methods in evidence synthesis and application following highest quality standards. As leaders in knowledge synthesis, we strive to foster lifelong learning, innovation in methods, strong partnerships with other healthcare leaders and researchers, and inclusivity.


Our core values form the connective tissue supporting our strategic plan that informs all our activities.  We strive to promote:


We value lifelong learning by seeking out team training and educational opportunities, while striving to develop the next generation of leaders in knowledge synthesis.


Engagement with patients, citizens, knowledge users and other partners is important to the KSAU for ensuring the relevance and impact of our work, including the development of innovative methods in knowledge synthesis and application.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Fostering a community that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive is integral to our work at the KSAU. We aim to ensure that there is equal opportunity and access to information and resources for all team members, partners, and knowledge users.


We strive to develop innovative methods to maximize the usefulness and rigor of knowledge synthesis, minimize wasteful use of resources, while applying reproducible methods and communicating these processes openly.

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